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Relief - CBD Pet Balm from Honest Paws®
Relief - CBD Pet Balm from Honest Paws®
Relief - CBD Pet Balm from Honest Paws®

Relief - CBD Pet Balm from Honest Paws®

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450mg Hemp Extract, 200mg CBD, 2 fl. oz. Dispenser

Natural Relief for Your Pet

The secret to Honest Paws Pet Balms’ soothing powers is that it contains organic full-spectrum hemp with naturally occuring CBD. 

As you may know, CBD has taken the pet care world by storm. And for good reason too. 

Thousands of delighted pet owners are discovering how hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD can help calm nervous pets, relieve occasional aches and discomfort, and provide great comfort in life. 

Quality You Can Trust 

If you’ve spent any time researching CBD products, you’ll know there’s a confusing number of brands and products to choose from. Sadly, many are low quality, or contain no CBD at all. While many also contain additives that can be toxic for pets.

Honest Paws was launched by pet owners for pet owners. So we pulled out all the stops to create an exceptionally pure and potent hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD. 

All our organic full-spectrum hemp oils are free of GMOs, soy, corn and other contaminants. They’re also third party tested for purity and potency.

Relieves Skin Sensitivity in Minutes 

If your furry friend is struggling with patches of dry, itchy skin, rashes or minor cuts, why not give Honest Paws’ Pet Balm with CBD a try?

Simply massage it into your pet's skin and then watch as the soothing power of organic hemp with naturally occurring CBD works its magic. Then rather than constantly scratching and rubbing, your pet will feel soothed, calm, and relaxed.

Remember, that Honest Paws Pet Balm with CBD is supplied with a 30 day money back guarantee.

So put it to the test and discover why over 150,000 pet owners trust Honest Paws’ products for their pet’s wellness, comfort, and happiness in life.

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